My country throwback this week features Travis Tritt and the dramatic videos he made for his songs 'Anymore', 'Tell Me I Was Dreaming' and 'If I Lost You'.

Travis released 'Anymore' in 1991 and it became a #1 hit for him.  When making the video, he decided to do some serious acting and play the part of Mac Singleton, a paralyzed veteran trying to cope with his injury and the relationship with his wife Annie.

In 1995 he released 'Tell Me I Was Dreaming' and with the video he decided to film a sequel to the 'Anymore' video.  It shows Travis once again as Mac Singleton, enjoying life with his wife Annie when things turn tragic once again in his life.

The final video Travis made in this trilogy came out in 1998 and it was for the song 'If I Lost You'.  It shows Mac overcoming tragedy and continuing on with his new life.

Enjoy all three tear-jerking videos in a row from Travis Tritt.