You may ask yourself why in the world would anyone not want the butter-dripping mess of corn on the cob?  When I was young I literally had melted butter dripping off my elbows....ah, the good ole' days!  But, there are instances where the flavor of corn of the cob is desired....but eating it off the cob is difficult.For instance, I had to cut the kernels off the cob for my Grandma Luisa who wore dentures and couldn't successfully bite the corn off the cob without losing her teeth, no matter how much dental adhesive she used.  Then, when my 3 year old saw THAT, she wanted to be like Grandma Luisa.....well, here's the safe answer to having to cut the kernels off with a steak knife.

With the Corn Kerneler, you can easily remove corn kernels from the cob in one quick motion. Just place the Kerneler at the narrow end of the cob and push straight down. Stainless steel blades quickly and easily remove the kernels, which then collect neatly in the basin of the Kerneler. Pour kernels out and start again. Corn Kerneler basin holds about two ears' worth of kernels.

If you can corn for the winter, this could save you TONS of time!  Get yours at Plow & Hearth.