Yesterday was a beautiful day, one of the few we've had so far.  I worked up a thirst and I was looking for a different kind of beer to try.  I wanted a summer beer...something refreshing.  Then, I saw it sitting on the counter:  Coors Light Summer Brew.

"Is it any good?"  I asked the cashier...

"We've been running out of it constantly."

Sold.  I'll try it.

It aims to be a refreshing summer beer with Coors Light blended with citrus flavors.  And that's exactly what it is.  I'll describe it as a Fresca soda mixed with beer.  That's what it tastes like to me.  Boy it is refreshing, but be careful.  They go down quick. (It is just a 10oz can, btw.)


Beer lovers like me, should be sure to join us for Twin Ports on Tap June 28th!  It's a craft beer sampling festival, and it will be a lot of fun at Barkers Island Festival Park!