Graphic picture, I know.  It's pizza...but, how many of us eat while driving or have a host of other distractions in the car.  Kids, cell phones, just day dreaming, they can all lead to an accident and if you're not wearing your seat belt, it increases the chances of it becoming deadly.  You should already be wearing your seat belt at all times, but if not, here's your warning:  they're looking for YOU!

All agencies are involved, the Duluth Police Department, St. Louis County Sheriff’s Office, Hermantown Police Department, Proctor Police Department, Floodwood Police Department, UMD Police Department and the Minnesota State Patrol.  They are all partnering in the Enhanced Sea tbelt Enforcement.  This is a statewide Click It or Ticket campaign starting today.

According to stats from the Minnesota Department of Public Safety Office of Traffic Safety, in the years2010-2012, on Minnesota roads, there were 852 motorist traffic deaths, of which 361 (42 percent) were not buckled up.

The law In Minnesota is that drivers and all passengers - including those in the back seat - must be buckled up.  If you're in the car, speak up and tell everyone that the car isn't moving till they click their seat belt because law enforcement WILL stop and ticket unbelted drivers and passengers.

Also, make sure children are riding the right car seat for their age and size. Booster seats are the law for kids: Use a booster once the child has outgrown a forward-facing restraint and its safest kids use boosters until they are 4’9” tall, or at least age 8.

Watch “Heights” - a buckle up TV PSA that compares crashing with no seat belt at 60 mph with no belt to falling from 12 stories high:

Law enforcement do NOT want to write tickets - instead, they ask that you enforce the law in your own vehicle every time you get in it.  Insist that everyone buckles up. Use your voice and speak up every time you ride with friends.

Info provided by:  Duluth Police Public Information Officer