Cleaning your medicine chest is very important, but a task that is often procrastinated. It's easier to leave the unwanted, unused medications in their bottles where they sit, rather than to figure out how and where to dispose of them legally and properly.  Superior residents now have help from the City!

To protect the environment, medications should NOT be flushed down the toilet or just dropped in the garbage can.  According to the experts, by keeping unwanted pharmaceuticals, it can lead to theft, prescription drug abuse, and accidental poisoning.

Instead, the City of Superior has provided a super convenient way for Superior residence to dispose of their unwanted medications, so clean away!

Look for the pharmaceutical drop box at the City of Superior Police Department.  They will take household’s prescription and over-the-counter medication in any form. However, note that syringes,needles, and thermometers are NOT allowed.

Here's what you should do:  Cross any names off the prescription bottle, then bring them to a drop box in lobby of the Superior Police station, 1316 North 14 Street, Suite 150 between 8a and 4:30, Monday through Friday. If privacy is a concern, no worries, the drop off is completely confidential.