You'll probably forget over the week-end, especially with half the brain thinking of fishing and the other half thinking about having to stop fishing to celebrate Mother's Day, BUT, I'm going to do my best to forewarn you of the City of Duluth's Spring Spruce Up (like our Spring Spruce Up Showcases!) street cleaning schedule.

This Monday, May 14th, the City of Duluth crews will start on 3rd Street between Mesaba
Avenue and 22nd Avenue East.  Then, on Tuesday May 15th they'll move to 1st Street
and 2nd Street between 24th Avenue East and 7th Avenue East.

There will be "No Parking" signs posted between the hours of 8:00-4:30 PM each day.  Oh, and make sure you obey those signs, because ALL cars parked in work zone areas during the indicated times will be ticketed and towed. That will NOT be a great way to start your week!

Info via: City of Duluth Press Release