Seems odd doesn't it, no snow in the twin ports.......yet.  I'm sure it's coming, two years ago on Christmas Eve we had a snowstorm, so one could literally be around the bend.

Many people either don't know, or have forgotten what their community responsibility is when it comes to snow removal.  The City of Duluth sent out Winter Reminders recently, in case you missed it, I'll give you the scoop and the link to connect with the City of Duluth website.

According to City ordinance, residents are required to keep the public sidewalks abutting their property free of snow and ice.  Violations of this ordinance are enforced and if you have any questions you can call 723.3425.  For snow plowing inquiries, call 730.4000.

As far as parking, the Alternate Side Parking is in effect the whole year, and that has made it much easier for the city snow plows and safer for our citizens.

Other information that is often "guessed" is allowed parking distance to hydrants, stop signs, etc.  Here's what they say, parking distance to:

Driveways:  7'

Alleys:          7'

Stop Signs:   30'

Hydrants:    10'

The City of Duluth has a website that has all this information and more.