My co-host Ken and I just talked about the fact that my husband and I had gotten a parking ticket which HE forgot to pay.  We received a second notice, I got after him and it was paid immediately.  If you have one (or more) that you've been putting off paying, you may want to "git r' done" before the fine increases.

As of the new year, the City of Duluth has revised the parking ticket fines.  You (and me) are reminded that adhering to the parking rules not only reduces the risk of getting ticketed but also creates a much safer streetscape for motorists and pedestrians. (I now feel even more guilty!) This safety component of parking becomes even more important during inclement winter weather.

Fines for expired or unpaid parking meters remain at $12 while tickets for parking the wrong direction, non-compliance with alternate side parking, or double parking, to name a few, result in fines of $24.