As we await the predicted snow storm, the City of Duluth prepares.  Here is what the City is asking the residents to consider via a press release:

City of Duluth crews are on special alert as an anticipated winter storm approaches the

Northland.  Crews will work on keeping main streets and thoroughfares open while the storm is in

progress. After the storm subsides, appropriate snowplowing operations will commence.

The City of Duluth asks all residents to avoid travel while the storm is in progress. The

National Weather Service estimates that snowfall will begin around 8-9 PM in the Twin

Ports and conditions are expected to deteriorate very rapidly. White-out conditions will

prevent travel and will strand vehicles.

It is also possible that road closures, including the Aerial Bridge and access to Park Point, may

be announced if conditions warrant. Citizens are asked to be aware of this potential and to take

appropriate precautions. Vehicles abandoned in roadways will be ticketed and towed and all

alternate-side and hour-restricted parking rules will be strictly enforced.

We ask citizens to follow a few snow recommendations:

Please remember it is illegal to remove snow from your property and place it in city streets and


Please help out your neighbors that are having difficulty removing this snow.

People who park on the street should be extra diligent to follow these ordinances; no closer than

7 feet to alleys or driveways, must park with 12 inches of the curb and parking or partially

blocking driving lanes will result in a ticket and the car will be towed.

For additional snow related information please go to Winter Watch.

We will continue to do our best to keep our city streets clear of snow and safe for