Want to volunteer for the City of Duluth... just "Pick A Day"

The City of Duluth wants YOU!  What a great way to spend time as a family.  There's so many choices of volunteering, there's bound to be one that interests you.  Here's the list:

Citizens interested in giving back to their community now have an easy way to access those City of Duluth volunteer opportunities. Volunteers can simply ‘Pick A Day’, show up at the work site and work for a few hours. Citizens who volunteer will be contributing to the community and will help keep our environment clean.

All volunteer days will be staffed and supervised by a City of Duluth Park Maintenance employee.

‘Pick a Day’ schedule is as follows:

Monday's:  Lakewalk- Meet at the Vietnam Memorial at 10:00 AM Mulching flowers and shrub beds, weeding flower gardens, picking up trash and painting benches.

Tuesday's:   Rose Garden - Meet at the Rose Garden Gazebo at 10:00 AM Deadheading roses, weeding flower beds, watering annuals, mulching and picking up trash.

Wednesday's: Trail Projects - You can call 218-269-4712 for specific trail projects and locations. Trail resurfacing, bridge repair, trail realignment, signing and trash pick up.

Thursday's: Enger Park - Meet in the parking lot at 10:00 AM Deadheading and weeding flower beds, watering annuals, mulching and picking up trash.

Friday's: Park Point Beach - Meet the beach house on the lake side at 10:00 AM Sweeping the beach for trash and debris that has washed ashore.

Saturday's:   Special Projects You can call 218-730-4312 for specific project information/location.   This is designed for large groups of people who want to concentrate their efforts on a specific one day project.

Thanks in advance!  Volunteering for "Pick a Day"  helps make a difference!