Some time back the Duluth Police Department had launched something similar to the CodeRED system called iWatch.  That was recently scrubbed and this new system is now in place.  It is a high-speed emergency notification service you can sign up for that will alert you to emergencies and inclement weather via telephone calls, text messages, and emails.  It's important to have and I encourage you to sign up today.

According to a DPD Press Release, the CodeRED system will serve as the backbone of the City’s emergency communications outreach to citizens. To enroll you simply need to give your contact information and choose the ways you wish to be notified.

The City has an initial database of residential and business telephone numbers but encourages more citizens to subscribe in order to take advantage of this free notification system and to stay informed.

“We are eager to use this technology to enhance our ability to provide critical emergency notifications in a format that best fits the citizen’s needs,” said Duluth Fire ChiefJohn Strongitharm.

The City anticipates using the system to notify residents in specific geographic locations of police and fire emergencies, public utility interruptions, disaster response, weather emergencies and other incidents where immediate public notice is needed. People that work in Duluth, but live outside the city boundaries, can sign up using their work address and will be notified of events impacting their workplace.

As winter weather is upon us, the CodeRED enrollment page will also give residents the opportunity to register for severe weather warnings, including tornado, severe thunderstorm, flash flood, and winter storm warnings. You will receive warnings only if you are in the impacted area identified by the National Weather Service. Strongitharm reminds citizens that the outdoor warning sirens are not designed to warn people indoors. Once subscribed to CodeRed you will receive a notification on your home phone, cell phone, receive a text, or get an e-mail when a situation warrants it.

The goal is to give residents multiple ways to receive warnings using the most effective tools available to residents in an emergency situation.

You should be aware that on December 2nd, a test call will go to all home phones and subscribed cell phones, e-mails, and text numbers.

If you have any questions about the system, or do not have a computer to subscribe, please call (218) 730-4394 for help.