Chris Young has revelead the track listing and cover art work for his upcoming album "A.M" due out on September 7th.   The album already has the hit "Aw Naw" on the radio, and 10 other tracks.

Chris Young has co-wrote 6 of the songs on the album and is saying it will be a rejuvenating jolt to his fans.   Young explains that the title "A.M." means the whole world's asleep but us, who are still partying.

The track listing for A.M. is as follows:

1. "Aw Naw"

2. "Hold You to It"

3. "Lonely Eyes"

4. "Goodbye"

5. "A.M."

6. "Nothin' But the Cooler Left"

7. "Who I Am With You"

8. "Text Me Texas"

9. "We're Gonna Find It Tonight"

10. "Forgiveness"

11. "Lighters in the Air"