I stop in to our neighbors at the BP once in a while in the morning to get something to drink or a snack and I saw this display for a "Superband" that would keep the bugs off your kids, they were only $1.79, how bad could they be. So, I had the kids wear them and here's what they had to say.

Sam said he didn't have any mosquitos land on him and didn't complain about any bites, he also didn't have any tics on him later. I don't know if that's what is covered by the band but I didn't see any tics.

It smells like citronella, and is very strong, so I get why it might work.

chris allen

JJ said he had one mosquito land on him, but he didn't have any bites and also no tics.

The boys wore them twice and didn't report any bites. Do they work, I don't think they wore them enough to find out. So I will probably buy them again to try it. I feel like they are so cheap I'm not out anything if they don't work. It may just be that the kids think they work.