With hurricane Isaac about to plant in New Orleans, I can feel for all the people there. I have lived around hurricanes in my life. I almost got to help and be a part of the Weather Channel's coverage.

I was on vacation on the Outer Banks of North Carolina in 2003, we heard Isabel was going to hit Nags Head and the Outer Banks, we left a day early and checked in with all the gas stations up the coast until we got to our home on the Delmarva Peninsula. We hear the Weather Channel set up in Ocean City Maryland, 20 minutes from Salisbury (the station I worked for was located there) and was broadcasting and they knew the storm would take my station off the air. So, they said, the weather station might need some help. My plan was to drive to Ocean City and help them. Isabel went more south and took out North Carolina. The people staying next to us said our vacation home was done. I found a picture of what they looked like, up above.