After looking over the teams this year and seeing all the predictions on sports radio and tv. I have decided that I know who will be in the Super Bowl, and dare I say, I know who will win it all too. It's so obvious, I don't know why all these people haven't seen it by now. 

Those of you that are Minnesota Viking fans know we get our hearts broken every year. It looks like we finally have a winning team and everyone finally buys in to the team and starts buying the champion hats and shirts. They are talking about the team, taunting the Packer fans and making plans to get playoff tickets. That's when it happens. Last year, unbeaten through the first 5 games and then, nothing.

This year, the Vikings could be the first team in the NFL to play in a Super Bowl in their home city. I don't see it happening, I'm sorry Viking fans. The only way Minnesota plays in the Super Bowl is if Green Bay stinks. Let's just say the Vikings can put together a good season, I see Philadelphia, Washington, Seattle, and the LA Rams looking good too. I think the Vikings can take Washington and the Rams, but Seattle is always tough, Philly was good last year so they will be tough again this year.

I don't see anyone else but the Patriots getting in to the AFC side, I think Green Bay, or Philly. If Minnesota does win the division, they will have had to beat GB twice. If that happens. MN and Philly play for the chance to go. Philly vs NE for the Super Bowl. Philly wins 38-28