Summer movie season is here, and that means a full season of action movies, super hero movies and other such testosterone driven entertainment.  This summer alone we have Thor, Transformers 3, Captain America, Super 8, another Pirates Of The Caribbean, The Hangover 2, and the list goes on and on.  That's the good part.  The bad part is how does a guy in a relationship get to all those movies when most are not exactly the first choice of the woman in your life.

The answer is simple, you must go to the occasional chick flick to bank some credits with her that allow you to see the stuff you really want to see.  The dreaded chick flick, where women have catty fights, do dance numbers with each other (and not always in their underwear for crying out loud!) and talk about love.  The bottom line is you have to go to these as it's the best political move in a relationship.  One chick flick per month usually allows you to see all the stuff you want to, unless you actually had to sit through Sex In The City 2, then you don't have to go to another until 2017.

Not all chick flicks are created equal.  For every painful experience like Something Borrowed, Beaches or Life As We Know It there are enjoyable ones like When Harry Met Sally, Love Actually or Say Anything. The key is to surprise her by picking a chick flick as your movie when you see a one out there you would like.  Examples would be one with Hugh Grant who is usually good in these (see Music and Lyrics or Notting  Hill) or one written by a guy that usually makes guy movies (like Judd Apatow who did The 40 Year Old Virgin but also slightly more female friendly fare like Forgetting Sarah Marshall).  Another thing to look for just so happens to be in theaters this weekend, a movie written by and starring truly funny women.  Sorry Katherine Heigl, you are chick flick poison.  I'm talking people like Tina Fey and Kristen Wiig, both SNL vets and both truly funny.  Kristen Wiig wrote and stars in the new movie Bridesmaids, now playing in the area.

Guys, I cannot stress this enough, make Bridesmaids your movie of choice now!  Tell your sweetie you love her and want to take her out to a movie.  She'll assume you're off to Thor, but then surprise her with "I bet you would love to see Bridesmaids.  Tonight is your night, my sweet princess so let's go see this together, pookie muffin".  Well played, sir.  This is not your typical chick flick, it's a movie with a very rowdy sense of humor.  You both will enjoy it and you will have banked enough good will by choosing this movie to see at least 4 of the action movies mentioned earlier without any trouble.  Don't forget the popcorn!