Man, I sure hope he'll be okay.  Millions of dollars just don't go that far these days.  Just wait until you read how much he'll get to walk away.

Charlie Sheen is close to settling his $100 million legal dispute with Warner Bros. and Two and a Half Men co-creator Chuck Lorre over Sheen's firing from the hit sitcom.Sources confirm to THR that the studio is wrapping up a deal to end the litigation, which is being handled by a private arbitrator. Sheen and Warners and Lorre brought claims against each other stemming from Sheen's abrupt dismissal from the Lorre-produced sitcom in the wake of his bizarre behavior in the spring.

Under the terms of the settlement, sources tell THR that Sheen will get an undisclosed lump sum payment in the millions of dollars from Warners. Lorre will pay nothing. Sheen in return will drop all of his legal claims.

A Warners spokesman said the studio has no comment. Word of the settlement first emerged from the LA Times, which puts the dollar amount at $25 million