Charlie Sheen's lawyer Mark Gross has notified Brooke Mueller's attorneys that the actor will go to court tomorrow in an attempt to take full custody of their children.  This comes after rumors that Brooke Mueller has fallen off the wagon again and is not fit for parenthood.  But then is Charlie Sheen any better?  Charlie thinks so.Both Charlie and Brooke have had addiction problems with drugs.  Part of their custody agreement made earlier, they both have to submit to periodic drug testing.  Brooke has checked herself back into rehab in a sort of a "day treatment" where she returns at home daily to take care of the couple's twins.  Brooke on Friday refused to take her scheduled drug test.  Many speculate that she knew she would fail it.  She was also at a pawn shop trying to pawn off items for cash.  She already receives $55,000 a month in child support from Charlie.  All I'm saying is a drug problem is an expensive problem to have and it doesn't take a genius to guess where that money is going.  If Charlie is granted full custody, her child support most likely would be cut off.  Oh how the saga continues for this crazy warlock.