David Drew and I brought a bus load of listeners down to Country Fest yesterday.  Despite being a bit windy, it was a beautiful day for an outdoor concert.  The lineup was Will Hoge Eric Paslay, Charlie Daniels Band, Eli Young Band, and headliner Florida Georgia Line.

I didn't catch much of Will, but I heard good things about his performance.  Eric Paslay sounded just like Eric Paslay on the radio.  He's a refined musician, with crisp vocals.  Nice job Eric.

Next was Charlie Daniels Band.  He kicked off his set with "Drinking My Baby Goodbye," which got the crowd going.  Then it was hit, after hit, after hit of Charlie's.  The only song he didn't play was "The South's Gonna Do It Again."

During the show, I started wondering how old this guy was?  I was shocked to find out he's turning 78 this year.  I never would have guessed it.  He played with energy and ran around stage.  He is a true entertainer, and had more energy than Eli Young Band (who followed).

The band did do an instrumental halfway through, and I could see Charlie sitting down catching his breath behind an amplifier, but shortly after he was up running around again.

Legend of Wooley Swamp was one of my favorites.  And of course he closed with "The Devil Went Down To Georgia," where he brought Eric Paslay on stage with him.  Nice tip of the hat to bring Eric up with him.  He must have made an impression.

What a fun night, and what a great experience to be able to see Charlie Daniels play.  You should definitely go to a show of his if you can.