OMG!  Soooooooo FUN!  Thanks to everyone who came out to Cheers Sports Bar & Grill in Cloquet to make B105's Celebrity Bar Tending Night a success!  Once again, I have gained appreciation for another occupation.  I learned  that walking a mile (or 3 hours) in a bartender's shoes makes for sore feet, beer-soaked jeans and wrinkly fingers!

I experienced anxiety as we were driving to Cheers.  Would I be able to remember where all the different beers were kept?  Could I do the math when people ordered more than one drink at a time?  Would I be able to refrain from wrapping my lips around the spout of the tapper? I prayed that no one ordered a martini, although I did know to ask, "shaken or stirred"?

But, I was put at ease once I arrived and the fun began.  I learned quickly and that was a good thing, because before long, their 7-9 happy hour hit and it was GAME ON!  Did you know there is a special way to pour Guiness?  Exactly how do you hold the glass to avoid too much foam at the top of the beer?  Who knew that most beer bottles are twist top now.....I verbalized THAT after looking for the bottle opener for 10 minutes, LOL!  The only thing that REALLY stumped me was......are you ready for this?   Shirley Temples!!!

Thank you to Jason, Chuck and Tenille at Cheers Bar for their hospitality and patience.  We appreciate their dedication to hold Celebrity Bar Tending Night every Thursday to raise money for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.  It is slated to run through the month of April, so when you go, tip your servers well and be listening for when B105 is back in April.  I enjoyed meeting y'all so much!  As Arnold Schwarzenegger would say, "I'll be back"! (however, this time, not in heels)!!!