Please Remember to Drive Safely Around School Buses
The new school year is in full swing, with kids and families now fully back into their routines.  The Minnesota Department of Transportation wants to make sure that motorists are back in the habit of driving safely around schools and school buses...
What Caused The Traffic Jam In Canal Park Today? [VIDEO]
There was quite the ruckus about the snarl of traffic in Canal Park today.  It's the height of the tourist season and it seems that the Aerial Lift Bridge was down to one lane to be cleaned.  One would wonder why it has to be done now.  After talking with Aerial Lift Bridge Super…
Duluth Police Department Issues Air Show Traffic Advisory
The Duluth Air Show is this weekend, with gates opening at 9:00 a.m. and closing at 6:00 p.m. both Saturday, July 9 and Sunday July 10.  With a dramatic increase in traffic expected near the Duluth airbase, the Duluth Police Department has issued an advisory.
Independence Pass, The Coolest Drive On Our Road Trip [VIDEO]
My wife and I went on an anniversary trip to visit different family members living in different parts of Colorado.  To get across from Glenwood Springs area to back east to Breckenridge, we took the scenic route called Independence Pass.  It was a fantastic view, and also a bit scary as ou…

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