Vote For Name of Highway 53 Relocation Bridge
The massive bridge project is nearing an end for the Highway 53 relocation project, and the group Bridge Daze is looking for your help to name it.  People can vote from now until September 1st from 5 names.
I Crossed Something Off My Bucket List While On Vacation
I've really never been one to have a bucket list.  I consider myself lucky to have been able to participate in so many crazy, wild, fun and amazing things due to my job.  But, if I did have an actual bucket list I don't think I'd have death defying activities on it anyhow.  Instead it would list thi…
Do You Experience Road Rage? Take A Quiz And Be Honest
I wish I had this quiz printed to hand to the person that I was following over the Blatnik bridge on Monday.  He was tailgating, driving erratically and the two drivers in front of him weren't having it.  They pretty much blocked him so he couldn't get past either of them, it was…

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