Minnesota’s Mystery Cave Announces Fall Tour Schedule
This is the perfect time of the year to take a road trip.  The colors are beautiful and you don't usually have to worry about freezing rain or other slippery travel conditions.  One great Minnesota destination is the Forestville/Mystery Cave State Park in the southeastern corner of th…
Downtown Duluth Construction Closes Roadway On September 1
If you are an individual that works in downtown Duluth or will be in the area tomorrow, September 1, you will want to know about this road closure to alleviate travel frustration.  This will help you choose an alternative route to get to your destination much easier.
The Renaissance Festival Is Guaranteed Family Fun [PHOTOS]
Despite the threat of severe thunderstorms, we ventured to the Minnesota Renaissance Festival this past weekend.  While it was windy, we managed to enjoy the shows, animals, shop, eat and drink before the rains hit.  This is truly a magical place that you can enjoy while you learn of the R…
Cathy Kates Trades Yellowstone Vacation In For Local Camp Dale
We were SUPPOSED to go to Yellowstone.  We had been planning this vacation since the gas prices had dropped.  We nervously watched the gas prices rising but after months of planning nothing was going to stop us now, except a broken camper axle.  That prompted us to choose a much close…

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