Charge Your Phone Or Don’t Fly, Says TSA
When I first read this news I was outraged, then I saw the reason, I calmed down but is this law a bit too much? You decide. The U.S. Transportation Security Administration has announced that flights coming back to America will not allow devices that are not fully charged.
Star Wars Battlefront 3 Trailer Goes Viral [VIDEO]
It doesn't seem that long ago that I was a wide-eyed kid seeing 'Star Wars' for the first time at the Cinema 1 & 2 in Duluth.  I, like everyone else, was amazed and ended up seeing the movie over and over.
I'm hoping the new 'Star Wars' film can bring back t…
Watch Kids React To Old Computers [VIDEO]
I get a kick out of this video, which shows kids being introduced to some old school technology.
Remember having to use floppy disks?  Remember when the best game was 'Oregon Trail'?  I remember taking a computer programming class in junior high and the big project was making a pr…
This Video Will Make You Put That Cell Phone Down!
It's ironic that a viral video about anti-social media is being shared on social media, but that's where I found it.  My daughter had posted it on her facebook page and after watching it and reading her post "makes you think twice", I sent her a message saying "You. Me. The Lakewalk w…

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