Man Sues Apple for Siri’s Imperfections
Apple iPhone 4S users know that Siri, the voice-activated personal assistant, can be hit or miss. Sometimes she understands you perfectly and reacts with precision, and other times? Well, not so much.
But a New York man is so upset by Siri’s flaws and foibles that he’s…
Homeless People As Wi Fi?
I am not sure how I feel about this idea.
Homeless people are at an all time high, and money for help is at an all time low. How do we settle it? Maybe this is an idea, maybe not. See what you think.
A marketing stunt where homeless people were turned into walking internet hotspots with T-shirts procl…
Website Helps Find The Cheapest Beer Prices Near You
When a website uses a giant winking keg as its spokesmodel, you know it is as good for you as it is bad for your liver. helps you find the cheapest beer near you, so you can concentrate on drinking beer instead of shopping for it.
A New, High-Definition iPad From Apple Is Unveiled
That iPad you bought last year is now officially a piece of crap!  Apple has rolled out the brand new iPad and pre-orders are already being taken.
Apple rolled out a high-definition iPad on Wednesday with a display screen that promises to be dramatically sharper than the current model, the…
Miranda Lambert Takes a Hit From Chris Brown Via Twitter
Oh how the plot is thickening between tell-it-like-it-is country gal Miranda Lambert and controversial hip-hop artist Chris Brown. If you haven’t heard, the two have been in a bit of a virtual tiff, with Lambert tweeting her honest feelings for the star who spent time on probation in 2009 for beatin…

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