6 Things That No Longer Exist In Our Lives
Talking with my friend Cathy this morning and we started to mention how things are changing and how things are disappearing. It's rumored that book stores will be a thing of the past, in most cases they already are.
Teen Forced to Sign ‘Mom Contract’ to Get iPhone
The day a teen gets his or her own iPhone is usually one of the happiest of their youth. They're finally seen as responsible, semi-independent individuals. However, this 13-year-old, whose mother decided to attach her own 18-point agreement of rules and guidelines in exchange for the phone, mig…
Technology Helping Hunters Avoid Staying Lost [VIDEO]
Every year, many hunters get disoriented in the woods and ultimately get lost.  This leads to some anxious times for the hunters and, sometimes, authorities being notified by concerned family and friends.  Now, as technology is being widely used, there are fewer lost hunters and those that…

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