10 Hilarious Siri Conversations
Siri, iPhone's voice-activated personal assistant, has a reputation of being kind of a jerk. Sure she's a tad snarky and sometimes sarcastic, but she's totally misunderstood, guys. In fact, Siri's actually pretty darn funny!
Have Your Family Try A “No Screen Day” & Put Away Electronics
Cathy and I were talking this morning about how people are so distracted by smartphones, tablets, etc.   It seems like we spend so much of our lives staring at screens and hardly looking at each other.  It's also not really considered quality family time either when all of you ar…
11 Email Fails You Don’t Want to Experience
The internet can be a pretty tricky world to navigate, and e-mail is no exception. Cyber messaging makes most of our lives way easier, but just like any other modern day convenience, a whole load of fails are born from e-mailing. Luckily for us, many of the hilarious ones turn up online.

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