Chocolate Strawberry Oreo Review [VIDEO]
Chocolate Strawberry Oreos have hit the shelves, and we decided to continue our review of any new Oreo flavor that comes out.  This time, I grabbed the guy from the next office space over (Josh) to see what he thought.
The Walking Dead Season 7 Premiere Made Me Sick [REVIEW]
So far I've watched every single Walking Dead episode.  I've been a fan before it was super popular and I've stuck with the show through many shocking deaths.  Last year the cliffhanger really ticked me off, and now the season 7 premiere just extended my disappointment with …
Lifespan TR 1200i Treadmill Review
As we are heading towards the incredibly brutal, harsh, life sucking winter in the next couple of months, I decided it was time to get a treadmill.  The running joke is of course that it's a lot of money to spend on a clothes rack.
Burger King ‘Whopperrito’ Review
I finally got the chance to try a Burger King Whopperito.  If you're unfamiliar with it, it's a Whopper that's been thrown into a burrito wrapper.  You add a little taco sauce and you've got a new menu item.   How would this taste?
Mama Cozzi’s Frozen Pizza From ALDI Review
I've blogged about ALDI before and what a great deal it is.  We've come to do most of our grocery shopping there now.  For the most part it hasn't been hard for us to switch to the "off brand" items, but I've been pretty hesitant to give up my name bra…
Subway’s Brisket Melt With Smoky Hickory Sauce Review
Subway is offering a new sandwich, the brisket melt with Smoky Hickory Sauce.  Would this sandwich giant be able to pull of a good tasting brisket sandwich?  Brisket is a terribly complicated thing to pull off.  It's got to be slow cooked to make it tender.  Would this sandw…

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