A Fun to Shoot Plinking Pistol [REVIEW]
I retired our family Ruger Mark II this past week and traded it for a new in the box .22 caliber, Smith & Wesson M&P.  Nothing was really wrong with the Mark II other than being a little finicky with certain ammo, it was just time for a new one.  Once...
New Belgium Glutiny Gluten Free Beer Review
I recently discovered that I have a problem with wheat.    That would mean that I can't drink beer anymore which would be a big bummer.  I never expected to be a gluten free person, but there's got to be some beer I can drink that won't make me sick?
‘Despicable Me 3′ Review: Those Minions Keep Us Laughing
It was raining this weekend, so we decided to bring the kids to the movies.  I wanted to see Dunkirk, but that's not quite appropriate for a 9 year old and a 3 year old.  We settled on 'Despicable Me 3.'  I wasn't exactly thrilled about it, because I was worried th…
Yes, I Ate A Gluten Free Pizza And It Wasn’t Terrible
Recently I made some pretty drastic changes to my diet.  I weight on a weight loss program and cut out all forms of carbs for 30 days.  I was surprised at how great I felt.  I hadn't had digestive problems that have been plaguing me for years.  (TMI, I know.)  So it was…
Cedarcide All Natural Bug Spray Review
The mosquitoes were pretty bad last weekend.  We were at the cabin in Northern Minnesota, so it's pretty much always bad.  Every trip up I pick up a can of family bug spray, usually with the less amount of DEET to apply to the kids.  I usually get a higher concentrated DEET bug spray for the adults.…
Igloo Sportsman Contour Cooler Review
We went to the cabin for the 4th of July for a long weekend, and it was clear I was going to need another smaller cooler for the trip.  At Menards, I found this Igloo Sportsman Contour Cooler, which appeared to be a good size.  It was on sale for $19.97, so I thought I would give it a try.

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