Smith & Forge Hard Cider Review
Hard Cider has been an exploding business in adult beverages.  This has been a good thing for the most part, but there have been some casualties, so let me explain.
I Just Taste Tested My First Ever McRib [VIDEO]
McRibs have been such a seasonal feature at McDonald's that it causes some people to rejoice and flock to the golden arches.  Today someone offered me a McRib at work.  I had never tried one, so it was a perfect time to see what the craze was about.
Kwik Trip Breakfast Combo Review
Yesterday the Kwik Trip store on Banks in Superior opened up.  Finally a convenience store that's open when I get up in the morning with hot food!  Today I stopped in on my way to work to get some breakfast.  This would be my first time trying their breakfast sandwich combo. …
Yard Machines 21″ Mower Product Review
Who's lawn mower breaks at the end of the season?  Mine does, of course.  After trying several attempts to revive the old "Montgomery Ward" mower, I gave up.  It had already been patched and jerry rigged enough times, I decided it was time to get a new one. …
Johnsonville Chipotle & Monterey Jack Brats Review
Hey, there's still a few weeks left of grilling season.  Maybe you're even having a hard time picking something different to  grill.   Sometimes we can't make it to the specialty meat shops... but look!  Here's something new from Johnsonville:  Chipo…

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