‘Better Call Saul’ is Better Than Expected
A lot of fans were worried that 'Better Call Saul' would taint Breaking Bad's legacy as one of the best shows ever.  Critics were worried it would be a cheap sell out prequel.  After the premiere Sunday, much of those fears were calmed.  Now after the second episode, th…
Darn Tough Socks: The Best Socks You’ll Ever Own
For a few years now I've been telling all of my friends about merino wool and what a great thing it is.  I've always looked for merino wool socks while shopping.  There are several brands out there that use it, including the popular SmartWool, and other more bargained priced ones.   Last year I rece…
Smith & Forge Hard Cider Review
Hard Cider has been an exploding business in adult beverages.  This has been a good thing for the most part, but there have been some casualties, so let me explain.
I Just Taste Tested My First Ever McRib [VIDEO]
McRibs have been such a seasonal feature at McDonald's that it causes some people to rejoice and flock to the golden arches.  Today someone offered me a McRib at work.  I had never tried one, so it was a perfect time to see what the craze was about.
Kwik Trip Breakfast Combo Review
Yesterday the Kwik Trip store on Banks in Superior opened up.  Finally a convenience store that's open when I get up in the morning with hot food!  Today I stopped in on my way to work to get some breakfast.  This would be my first time trying their breakfast sandwich combo. …

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