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A Reminder Warning to Spring Adopt-A-Highway Roadside Cleanup Crews
A few years ago, the Carlton County Transportation Department made us aware of a potential danger to our Adopt-A-Highway volunteers or and others that walk a long the roadway with our families or pets. Usually, the biggest safety concern is being hit by a passing vehicle, or if you are doing a highw…
Flooding in Carlton County Causes 9-1-1 Phone Issues
Flooding from our recent Spring snrain (snow+rain) storm has caused phone issues in Carlton County.  They have determined the issue is a break in a fiber optic line.  Repairable?  Yes, however, at this time the area that needs to be repaired is underwater and that's compounding t…
Birkebeiner Ski Races Offer Volunteer Opportunities
Tired of being stuck in-doors?  Want to get a free Birkie hat? The American Birkebeiner and BirkieTour are coming up soon and have volunteer opportunities available in several areas. You'll get out in the fresh air, earn a free hat and get an invite to an appreciation dinner in February.

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