Is The 48 Hour Wait on Handgun Purchases Unreasonable?
Racine Wisconsin Senator Van Wanggaard is introducing a bill to repeal the 48 hour waiting period for people buying a handgun.  His reason is that background checks are instant now, and don't require extra time to see if a person can legally purchase a handgun.  People in favor of the…
Social Media Politics Are Anything But Social
I was looking forward to today, because the elections are over.  We no longer have to hear or see the annoying ads that are all over TV, Radio, and even YouTube.  But then I forgot about something... Facebook.  Oh yes, there would be a ton of people in heated debate over every post about politics.  …
DTA Offers FREE Bus Rides On Tuesday Election Day
In some countries they don't have the opportunity to cast a vote.  In our country, we do.  However, many don't vote for various reasons.  Some don't think they know the candidates well enough, some claim they aren't familiar with the issues, still others just can&a…
League of Women Voters Duluth Announce Candidate Forums
I think this is one of those years where it is confusing as to what each candidate stands for, what they are running on and who they are opposing. Most of the ads I see are telling you what the other does wrong. If I believe them, no one deserves to be in office.
Celebrate Navy Week In The Twin Ports [Full Event Schedule]
Navy Week is being celebrated right now!  This week long event is something that the Navy has been doing since 2005.  My most memorable Navy Week was when Andy Baldwin (a former bachelor contestant who is also a Navy doctor came to town).  ;)  This year, members of the USS Minnes…
City Council Could Change The Way Duluthians Vote
You will still have to prove residency in your district, show your driver's license and sign the paper before you get a ballot, but what's ON your ballot may change.  The Duluth City Council is considering "ranked-choice" voting.  How do you feel about that?

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