Screaming Goat Remixes From This Morning’s Show [VIDEO]
This morning we played some hilarious audio from this new "goating" craze.  Videos of people remixing hit songs adding goats to key parts of the chorus are going viral.   We played the audio this morning on the Breakfast Club.  Here they are for your enjoyment.
Meet Animal Allies Pet of the Week Savannah
Today we talked with Betsy from Animal Allies and she shared some exciting fundraising events that are coming up along with the pet of the week Savannah.  Betsy described her as a very loving and cuddling cat that also enjoys a little bit of alone time.
Meet Animal Allies Pet of the Week Steven
I always think it's funny when people name pets traditional people names.  Steven is one of the longest residents at the shelter, and he's really looking for a nice home where he can be the only pet.  He doesn't need a lot of attention and likes his independence.
Meet Animal Allies Pet of the Week Scrappy
Actually, this dog goes by two names:  Scrappy or Happy.  They sometimes can't help but call her happy because she is so eager to jump up into your lap.  She's a pitbull/terrier mix, but a much shorter pitbull than you'd expect.
Meet Animal Allies Pet of the Week Ellie
Once again this morning we talked to Anna from Animal Allies about what's happening at the shelter.  We'll talk more about Ellie the cat in a bit, but we also want to remind you about the promotions that are going on.  Animal Allies is currently helping control the pet population with "beat the…
Hilarious Video of Cats Playing Patty Cake
I actually laughed out loud when I saw this.  What the heck are these cats doing?  Sometimes cats do things that we never will fully understand, and it sure looks like they were doing patty cake.

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