Meet Animal Allies Pet of the Week Jada
We talked to Jenny today on the Breakfast Club and were introduced to Jada.  Jada is one of the many cats 6 months or older that are a part of the name your own fee program going on right now at Animal Allies.  Here's more about Jada:
Meet Animal Allies Pet of the Week “Bootsie”
Animal Allies has a lot of cats in the shelter this time of year.   Because of that, Animal Allies has the "name your own adoption fee" promotion.   Donate what you can and take home a friendly cat!   Here's the featured animal this week, Bootsie!
Meet Animal Allies Pets of The Week: Sunflower & Violet
Every now and again pets come into the shelter that have been together for their whole life.   That's the case with Sunflower and Violet, who are a pair of bonded cats at Animal Allies.   They are hoping to find a good home for these senior cats and keep them together.
Meet Animal Allies Pet of the Week Cinnamon Roll
Cinnamon Roll is a lot sweeter than she looks.  She's the featured cat this week for Animal Allies.   Right now, you can name your own fee if you adopt Cinnamon Roll or any other cat over 6 months old, so visit Animal Allies to find your match!
Cat From Hell Saga Continues; On to Next Step For Puking Cat
Last week I told you about our struggle with our puking cat.  She vomits regularly.  It's more of just a regurgitation.  It's pretty much the dry cat food chewed up, hits the stomach, and comes right back up.  But it takes just enough time for her to put it in a hidden …
Animal Allies Pet Of The Week: Moose
It's the season where there are a lot of stray cats at Animal Allies and right now they have the "name your own fee" promotion for adopting cats.   Any cat that is 6 months or older is a part of this program.  One of those cats is Moose.
Meet Animal Allies Pet of the Week Jada
We talked with Sarah at Animal Allies today about the hoarding situation that was just in the news, where 46 cats were taken from a Virginia, MN home.   Animal Allies over the years has taken pets in from hoarding situations, and is a great resource for surrounding shelters.   Often times, Animal Al…

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