B105 Wants To Visit Your “Ice Crib”
Last year we shot some videos showing off some cool set ups for ice fishing, and we'd like to do it again!  If you've got a nice ice house, e-mail us and we'll come out and visit.  We may even bring some goodies!
Take A Kid Ice Fishing Event Happens February 16th
Every year, the Minnesota DNR has a free weekend for parents to ice fish with their children.  On Feb. 16th -18th, anyone 16 or older does not need a fishing license if they are accompanied by a child.  The DNR website also has some tips for beginners who would like to take out their child…
Duluth / Superior Ice Fishing Report
Saturday was a beautiful day for ice fishing.  With plenty of sun, and temperatures in the 20's, anyone could have gone out in the ice and sat on a bucket.  And judging by the crowds, a lot of people did.  We heard the fishing was pretty good on the harbor off of park point, so t…
Lake Ice Conditions For Duluth / Superior Area Fishing
I've spent quite a bit of time on the forums and on the lakes in the last week.  There are some vehicles driving on area lakes, although ice may not be as thick as some think in certain spots.  There was a report of a truck going through the ice on Rice Lake late last week...
Survival Tip: Start A Fire With A Tampon [VIDEO]
I stumbled on this today and thought it was too good not to share.  I think I might steal a tampon and put it in my hiking bag, because this works pretty slick.  Why would you want to use a tampon?  It's already waterproof in it's package, and it starts on fire with just a s…
First Ice Fishing of 2012
Well, I've been talking about getting on the ice for a couple of weeks now and finally decided from what I was hearing that there was enough ice to go.  Got up bright and early this last Saturday, picked up my fishing partners, and hit the ice.
Ice Thickness Guidelines and Safety Tips From The MN DNR
Every year we hear about people falling through the ice on the lakes.  Especially now with the warmer early winter weeks, it's important for people to understand when and how to venture out on the ice.   According to the MN DNR, ice is never 100% safe!
10 Man Laws For Deer Camp
1.  No whining.  Not even about not seeing deer.  If it was guaranteed it would be called deer killing, not deer hunting.
2.  Sleeping arrangements are on first come first serve basis. If you don't want to sleep on the strangely stained mattress, get there earlier and pick yo…

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