Where Do You Get The Best Onion Rings In The Northland
My husband’s all time favorite onion rings aren’t around anymore. They were the ones they had Canal Park Inn which was next to the old Warehouse Bar. Neither are there anymore, and he has since been on a quest to find the perfect duplication. With that said, here are …
Top 5 Reasons I’m Sick Of This Rain
How many days have we had rain in a row?  I miss the sunshine and the word "ark" actually entered my mind this morning.  As the dog was impatiently barking at the door (he hates getting wet) while I was no where near the door, I started making a list of why I'm sick …
5 Things You Might Not Know Are Made From Recycled Plastic
While I was emceeing the Northland Community Wellness Day my table was directly across from the Lake Superior College's Dental Hygiene program and they were handing out toothbrushes.  The toothbrushes were made from 100% recycled plastic, like yogurt cups.  How cool is that?

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