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The 5 Worst Candy Choices to Hand Out on Halloween
With Halloween approaching, there are plenty of options when it comes to choosing candy to hand out to trick-or-treaters.  That being said, not all options are created equal and if you choose poorly, you could face neighborhood scorn.  From my years of experience going door to door as a ki…
The Next New Trend, Tattooed Eyeballs
Is this the next new trend, tattooed eyeballs?  While I was at Lake Effect Vapor's grand opening I met a man named Patrick, CEO of Eyedenity Eliquid and a vendor that was at my live broadcast.  When you first meet Patrick you immediately notice something different about him.  Besides his outgoing pe…
Mall Of America Announces It Will Be Closed On Thanksgiving Day
Remember when Black Friday was a true shopping event?  Then retailers started opening on Thanksgiving, forcing employees to work and ruining many Black Friday traditions.  Today, the Mall Of America made a big announcement that could impact what other retailers decide to do on the holiday.

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