Sex Offenders In Superior: Where Not To Trick Or Treat
Trick or Treating and Halloween should all be about fun for kids.  That's why it's important that they stay safe and avoid these homes.  There's 67 registered sex offenders in Superior.  This map can show you where to avoid with your children.
Best Halloween Video Pranks, Would You Be Scared Or Fooled
People have been pranking each other for years, and now with technology, it's easier to make it look authentic. Anything you can dream up can be executed, it seems like. These pranks were made for video and/or captured on video. Would you believe them and be fooled.
My Memories Of Trick Or Treating, Country VS City, Then And Now
I grew up in Wrenshall so I lived the country side of trick or treating.  There has always been definite differences between country and city trick or treating but now even more so, due to the world we live in and safety.  It's sad that some sinister people actually put a legitimate s…

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