Car Myths That Cost You Money Every Year
One of my favorite websites had an article about car myths that cost you money.  It's a good article and it solidifies some things I've believed for quite some time.  I've added a couple of my own too.
First here's what they had to say...
What Is the Richest Country? Hint – It’s Not the US
The United States is often touted as being one of the richest countries in the world, but compared to many other nations, it seems we have some serious catching up to do. In fact, in a new Forbes list of the wealthiest lands on the globe, the US didn’t even place in the top five.
Defense Cuts To Hit Duluth Fighter Wing
As the Defense Department makes cuts across the nation, it appears an impact could be felt right here in our backyard.  Do you know of anyone in the position that appears targeted for elimination?
Defense Department budget cuts could result in job losses at Duluth’s 148th Fighter…
Mortgage Settlement Could Bring Billions In Relief
Time will tell how big an impact this will have, but it certainly can't hurt.
In the largest deal to date aimed at addressing the housing meltdown, federal and state officials on Thursday announced a $26 billion foreclosure settlement with five of the largest home lenders.
What You Need to Know About New Airfare Advertising Rules
What do I pay for? My brother and I were on the phone looking up rates to fly to Phoenix for me to see him. I won't mention the Airline, but we found awesome rates. $120 dollars and we screamed, ok we didn't, but we were really excited. Fly my whole family out for 500 bucks...
What Happens to Unredeemed Gift Cards?
The holidays may be over, but chances are you’ve got a constant reminder: a gift card. Gift cards are always a popular choice for holiday gifts, so you’d think more of them would actually be redeemed — but experts believe at least $2 billion worth of the cards g…
Powerball Price To Increase January 15, 2012
According to our news partners, the Northland News Center, the price of a Powerball Ticket will increase by a dollar on January 15th.  Powerball officials say it will make the payoff bigger!  Are you willing to part with that extra dollar to win more money?

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