LSC Presenting Healthcare Career Night October 24
One of the largest employers in the Northland is healthcare and with a wide variety of positions come a need to trained staff. If you're looking for a new career in healthcare, you should plan on being at Lake Superior College on Tuesday, October 24.
Do I Need To Register My Stand Up Paddle Board With The DNR?
We were at Sam's Club when we ran into a former neighbor who was looking for a stand up paddle board or SUP.  I told him my daughter had one and he asked if it was registered.  I didn't realize they needed to be registered and thought maybe others didn't either so I did the …
Lake Superior College Offers Career Exploration Summer Camps
I wish these types of career exploration summer camps were offered when I was young.  Not that I don't enjoy what I'm doing now, but it certainly would have opened my eyes to other careers available.  Plus, it would have made my summers way more interesting and I may have made li…
Duluth East Culinary Student Moving On To Nationals [VIDEO]
I can cook if it comes in a box and there's instructions.  I have always been in awe of chefs that just pour, taste, season and use words like demi glaze and balsamic vinegar reduction.  I was hoping reduction meant taking the calories out, but that's a no go.  We as a community should be so proud o…

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