3 Things I Learned at Previous Taste of Home Shows
People have this misconception that if you're a guy, you probably don't cook.  Well in our house I do 90% of the cooking.  I'm kind of a Mr. Mom except I can't fold laundry to save my life.  So when Taste Of Home Cooking School comes to town, I pay attention and learn a few things.  Here's some thin…
Bullied Teen Leaves Behind Heartbreaking Video [VIDEO]
Amanda Todd was a bullied teen who took her own life.  She left behind this video that describes how other kids acted towards her.  It is so heartbreaking, you just want to hug her and tell her it's all going to be okay and that life will catch up to the evil kids in her class.  …
Weekend Craft for the Kids: No Sew Dog Beds [VIDEO]
Get the fabric NOW, so you can wash it before the weekend!  This is an easy craft your kids can do and makes a great holiday gift for the pets in your life.  My friend showed her no-sew dog bed on Facebook and got the idea from Pinterest. Email me pic of yours after your done!!!

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