Weekend Craft for the Kids: No Sew Dog Beds [VIDEO]
Get the fabric NOW, so you can wash it before the weekend!  This is an easy craft your kids can do and makes a great holiday gift for the pets in your life.  My friend showed her no-sew dog bed on Facebook and got the idea from Pinterest. Email me pic of yours after your done!!!
Life Lesson For Children: Sorry, You Don’t Always Win
Last night my wife and our 4 year old were playing a board game and something timely with the Olympics happened..  She actually won the game.  It should be noted that the extent of this game is spinning a wheel and moving spaces - it's for a four year old...
4 Things You Didn’t Learn In Drivers Ed
Did you know because of technology, driving with your hands at the accepted 10 and 2 positions could hurt you or kill you? With air bags being placed in certain areas of the car, when one goes off, it could cause you to break a hand or face.

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