Local Robberies Prompt Duluth Police to Release Safety Tips
Robberies that have occurred in the city of Duluth within the past week have the Duluth Police Department concerned.  In both cases the victim was walking outside alone when approached.  Neither received life-threatening injuries, but perhaps the situation could have been avoided by following some s…
Dads: Save Time and Carve Pumpkins With Your Jigsaw [VIDEO]
We carved pumpkins the other day and my wife bought a small tool kit full of saws, tiny blades, and other girly crap to do the job.   After our boy quickly lost interest in carving pumpkins and it was all left for me to do the carving, I pulled out the big gun:  My craftsman jigsaw.
Tips To Winterize Your Summer Machines
It's about time again to put away our summer machines:  boats, lawnmowers, motorcycles, etc.   Doing a few simple steps can really help ensure that in the spring it will run good.   Here we go!

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