Zac Brown Caught Up In Police Hotel Bust With Strippers & Drugs
Zac Brown has said that he had no idea that there were strippers and drugs at party he was at in a hotel room in Florida.  Police arrived and arrested several people, but not Zac Brown.  It appears that there was an effort to keep his name out of it, but TMZ has more information on it.
Police in Superior Warn of Computer Hackers’ Scam
It's a nationwide scam that involves both your computer and a phone call when you're least expecting it.  That's what the hackers are hoping to do, catch you off guard.   The scam involves using names of reputable companies you are use to doing business with and Superior pol…
Beware of Real Estate Scams in The Northland
A recurring scam has been taking place on Craigslist for quite some time where people send in security deposits and pay rent up front for a property that isn't for rent.  People thinking that they have a great deal on a rental property are duped into mailing a check away, in promise of getting the k…

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