3 Safe Places to Meet for a Craigslist or Facebook Group Sale
We've heard horror stories about someone being robbed, assaulted or even killed while meeting a stranger for a transaction that originated through Craigslist or Facebook.  While the majority of such transactions are between two law abiding citizens, it's still best to protect yourself…
26 Year Old Female With Six Felony Warrants Wanted By Police
The Duluth Police Department is looking for a female Property Crimes Person of the Week this time, do you have any information to share.  It’s a good feeling to know that you may have helped the police apprehend a suspect. For some time now, the Duluth Police Department has been sharing information …
Do You Remember McGruff The Crime Dog? [VIDEO]
Cathy and I were joking this morning about McGruff The Crime Dog.  I remember him from being on Saturday morning cartoons in between shows, teaching kids safety.  I happened to google him, and found that's there still is a website for him.  He's even updated to handle modern…
Tips To Help Prevent Burglary At Your Home
Sadly, with warmer weather comes increased crime in the  Northland.  Burglars take advantage of warmer temps to walk around later at night, looking for an opportunity to steal.  With this increase in crime, what can homeowners do to help prevent being targeted?
Duluth’s Citizen Police Academy Accepting Applications
The relationship between communities and their police force has made headlines across the country, with many areas facing increased tensions.  The Duluth Police Department has a program that hopes to provide citizens a better understanding of police operations and how they serve our community.

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