5 Shot In Minneapolis at Site Of Black Lives Matter Police Protest
The Black Lives Matter group in Minneapolis has been getting a lot of press as of late for their protests and late Monday night things got out of hand. is reporting that at about 10:45pm on Monday night, 5 protesters were shot as Black Lives Matter were staging a police protest about …
Duluth Police Need Your Help Locating A 31 Year Old Female
The Duluth Police Department is looking for a female Property Crimes Person of the Week this time, do you have any information to share.  It’s a good feeling to know that you may have helped the police apprehend a suspect. For some time now, the Duluth Police Department has been sharing information …
This IRS Phone Scam Is So Good, It Might Fool You
A friend of mine answered the phone and was surprised to hear the IRS on the other end. They told him he had underpaid his taxes and that he had to agree to some payment plans or legal action would be taken and one of them would be arrest.

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