I've been having a problem with our dishwasher, or so I thought it was our dishwasher.  Dishes would come out with baked on crud on the dishes.  I tried pre-rinsing, heavy cycle, pots and pans cycle.  Nothing would work.

I had been using the gel detergent for years.  I decided to switch things up and found these Cascade Actionpacs.  Right on the package it said, "You'll love it or your money back."  Sold!

I went home and rewashed the baked on crud from the last cycle with the actionpacs.  They came out perfectly clean, with no water spots.  I think I have finally answered my long struggle with the dishwasher.

However, my co-host Cathy Kates says she tried the Cascade Complete Actionpacs, and they worked so well, they took the design right off her dishes.  So I guess I'll just stick with the regular actionpacs.

By the way, if you are looking for the best way to keep your dishes and kitchen sanitized, dishwashers may be the answer.  David Drew blogged this a while back.