Carrie Underwood was the winner of ‘American Idol‘ Season 4, but she has progressed into a full-blown, legitimate country superstar in the years since she nabbed that crown. It’s pretty much a footnote of her career at this point. But that didn’t stop the ‘Good Girl’ from returning to her former stomping grounds to perform, especially since her new album ‘Blown Away’ dropped earlier this week.

What was once her springboard and her launching pad is now a promotional vehicle, several albums deep into her career.

On last night’s (May 3) elimination/results episode, Underwood performed the title track of her new album, draped in a white dress with a slit up to there and a black sash. She looked, in a word, breathtaking. She was elevated on steps, with storm clouds roaring on the screens behind her. She was bathed in light, as smoke billowed at feet. It was quite a production and while it’s not likely she’ll repeat this styling on her tour, it still gave fans something to look forward to when she does hit the road.

Underwood looked like an angel and a goddess, with her hair blowing in the wind and in towering black heels.

After she performed, apologizing for making a mess, thanks to the fans blowing bits around, she reminded fans that she will be going on tour this September and that tickets go on sale on May 11, so scoop ‘em up.


Watch Carrie Underwood Perform ‘Blown Away’ on ‘American Idol’