This is SO SAD!!!  Our Adopt-A-Highway volunteers take the time to walk the ditches and clean up after people that are careless and throw or leave their litter with reckless abandon.  Usually, the biggest safety concern is being hit by a passing vehicle, or being cut or poked by a piece of glass or metal.  But, the Carlton County Transportation Department warns of a new concern, one that could leave you disfigured.

A warning that the Carlton County Transportation Department was made aware of states that kids are putting Drano, tin foil, and a little water in plastic drink bottles, capping it, and leaving it in lawns, ditches, driveways and mail boxes.  If you were to pick this bottle up and it is shaken, even a little, in 30 seconds or less it can build enough gas to explode with enough force to cause damage to your extremities.

Be extremely careful when picking up any plastic bottles that may be lying in your yard, gutter, ditches, etc.  Again, it will be a plastic bottle, capped.  Inside a bit of Draino, a little water and  a small piece of tin foil.  If moved, it can explode, leaving you with serious damage to your hand, fingers and possibly your face.

Please share this information!

Press release/verified: Carlton County Transportation Department