After a few blown calls, which happens every game, the Canadian soccer team says the US women's soccer team used some illegal tactics in order to beat them, and some other teams. One of the calls could have been avoided but a warning was issued before the call was made.

The Canadian goal keeper was warned not to hold on to the ball so long that it was holding up the game. So, the call was made that gave the US a kick that tied the game and sent it to overtime. The US team eventually won in overtime.

Coach John Herdman says:


"One of the big threats we've got to take care of, and what we've paid attention to, is the illegal marking in the box on their corners and free kicks," Herdman said. "Some of the blocking tactics, which are highly illegal, we'll keep an eye on them in the game. We've starting working on that in training without trying to injure our players."